As well as repairing the primary issue with your Lexmark printer our trusted engineers will also carry out a test-point maintenance procedure, identifying key areas where problems may occur in the future. When it comes to printer breakdowns we like to think that being forewarned is forearmed. Therefore, as part of our service, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report on the condition of your printer, letting you know well in advance if there are any worn parts inside the printer that could cause issues in the months to come.

When we’re through fixing things we’ll thoroughly clean and reassemble your Lexmark printer, ensuring no paper jams, toner build or unsightly ink stains that can accumulate over time.

If you’re interested in using us simply find your Lexmark printer model in the dropdown menu above and follow the instructions. Once we’ve identified your printer model and problem we can decide what the best course of action will be.

It isn’t just Lexmark printers we fix, either. If you’re having problem with your Lexmark laserjet printer, Lexmark scanner, Lexmark MFD or Lexmark inkjet, we can help with those too.

We’re so confident that you will be pleased with the work that we do that we offer a complete 3-month warranty on labour and parts for the same fault.

Get in touch today to see what we can do for your Lexmark printer.

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Lexmark Printer Models

Lexmark 3112Lexmark 3116Lexmark 4019Lexmark 4029Lexmark 4037 5ELexmark 4039Lexmark C500Lexmark C500NLexmark C510Lexmark C510DTNLexmark C510NLexmark C510XLexmark C520NLexmark C522Lexmark C522NLexmark C522TNLexmark C522XLexmark C524Lexmark C524DNLexmark C524DTNLexmark C524NLexmark C524TNLexmark C524XLexmark C530DNLexmark C532Lexmark C532DNLexmark C532NLexmark C534DNLexmark C534DTNLexmark C534NLexmark C534XLexmark C540Lexmark C540nLexmark C543Lexmark C543DNLexmark C544Lexmark C544DNLexmark C544DTNLexmark C544DWLexmark C544NLexmark C546DTNLexmark C720Lexmark C720DNLexmark C720NLexmark C734Lexmark C734DNLexmark C734DTNLexmark C734DWLexmark C734NLexmark C736Lexmark C736DNLexmark C736DTNLexmark C736NLexmark C746dnLexmark C746dtnLexmark C746nLexmark C748DELexmark C748DTELexmark C748ELexmark C750Lexmark C750INLexmark C750NLexmark C752Lexmark C752LLexmark C752LDNLexmark C752LDTNLexmark C752LNLexmark C752NLexmark C760Lexmark C760DNLexmark C760DTNLexmark C760NLexmark C762Lexmark C762DNLexmark C762DTNLexmark C762NLexmark C770DNLexmark C770DTNLexmark C770NLexmark C770XLexmark C772DNLexmark C772DTNLexmark C772NLexmark C772XLexmark C780DNLexmark C780DTNLexmark C780NLexmark C780XLexmark C782DNLexmark C782DTNLexmark C782NLexmark C782XLexmark C792deLexmark C792dheLexmark C792dteLexmark C792eLexmark C910Lexmark C910DNLexmark C910FNLexmark C910INLexmark C910NLexmark C912Lexmark C912DNLexmark C912FNLexmark C912NLexmark C912NLLexmark C920Lexmark C920DNLexmark C920DTNLexmark C920NLexmark C925deLexmark C925dteLexmark C930Lexmark C935Lexmark C935DNLexmark C935DTNLexmark C935DTTNLexmark C935HDNLexmark C935XLexmark C950DELexmark CS310dnLexmark CS310nLexmark CS410dnLexmark CS410dtnLexmark CS410nLexmark CS510deLexmark CS510dteLexmark CX310dnLexmark CX310nLexmark CX410deLexmark CX410dteLexmark CX410eLexmark CX510deLexmark CX510dheLexmark CX510dtheLexmark E120Lexmark E120NLexmark E210Lexmark E212Lexmark E220Lexmark E230Lexmark E232Lexmark E232TLexmark E232TNLexmark E234Lexmark E234NLexmark E234TNLexmark E238Lexmark E240Lexmark E240NLexmark E250DLexmark E250DNLexmark E260Lexmark E260DLexmark E260DNLexmark E310Lexmark E312Lexmark E312LLexmark E320Lexmark E321Lexmark E321TLexmark E322Lexmark E322NLexmark E323Lexmark E323NLexmark E323TLexmark E323TNLexmark E330Lexmark E332Lexmark E332NLexmark E332TNLexmark E340Lexmark E342Lexmark E342NLexmark E342TNLexmark E350Lexmark E350DLexmark E350DNLexmark E352DNLexmark E360DLexmark E360DNLexmark E450DNLexmark E460DNLexmark E460DWLexmark E462DTNLexmark MS310dLexmark MS310dnLexmark MS410dLexmark MS410dnLexmark MS510dnLexmark MS610deLexmark MS610dnLexmark MS610dteLexmark MS810deLexmark MS810dnLexmark MS810dtnLexmark MS810nLexmark MS811dnLexmark MS811dtnLexmark MS811nLexmark MS812deLexmark MS812dnLexmark MS812dtnLexmark MX310dNLexmark MX410deLexmark MX510deLexmark MX511deLexmark MX511dheLexmark MX511dteLexmark MX611deLexmark MX611dheLexmark MX710deLexmark MX710dheLexmark MX711deLexmark MX711dheLexmark MX810dfeLexmark MX810dmeLexmark MX810dxfeLexmark MX810dxmeLexmark MX811dfeLexmark MX811dmeLexmark MX811dxfeLexmark MX811dxmeLexmark MX812dfeLexmark MX812dmeLexmark MX812dxfeLexmark MX812dxmeLexmark Optra 1200Lexmark Optra 4049Lexmark Optra Color 1200Lexmark Optra ELexmark Optra E FLASHLexmark Optra E PLUSLexmark Optra E120Lexmark Optra E2000Lexmark Optra E310Lexmark Optra E312Lexmark Optra EFLexmark Optra EPLexmark Optra ESLexmark Optra K1220Lexmark Optra LLexmark Optra LX PlusLexmark Optra LXI PlusLexmark Optra M410Lexmark Optra M412Lexmark Optra R PlusLexmark Optra R Plus PROLexmark Optra RN PlusLexmark Optra RT PlusLexmark Optra SLexmark Optra S1250Lexmark Optra S1255Lexmark Optra S1620Lexmark Optra S1625Lexmark Optra S1650Lexmark Optra S1855Lexmark Optra S2420Lexmark Optra S2450Lexmark Optra S2455Lexmark Optra SC1275Lexmark Optra SC4050Lexmark Optra SCl275Lexmark Optra SE3455Lexmark Optra TLexmark Optra T610Lexmark Optra T612Lexmark Optra T614Lexmark Optra T616Lexmark Optra T621Lexmark T420Lexmark T420DLexmark T420DNLexmark T420DTLexmark T430Lexmark T430DLexmark T430DNLexmark T520Lexmark T522Lexmark T620Lexmark T622Lexmark T630Lexmark T632Lexmark T634Lexmark T640Lexmark T640DNLexmark T640DTNLexmark T640NLexmark T642Lexmark T642DTNLexmark T642NLexmark T642TNLexmark T644Lexmark T644DTNLexmark T644NLexmark T644TNLexmark T650DNLexmark T650DTNLexmark T650NLexmark T652DNLexmark T652DTNLexmark T652NLexmark T654DNLexmark T654DTNLexmark T654NLexmark T656DNELexmark ValueWriter 600Lexmark W810Lexmark W810DNLexmark W810NLexmark W810SLexmark W812Lexmark W820Lexmark W840Lexmark W840DNLexmark W840NLexmark W850DNLexmark W850NLexmark WinWriter 400Lexmark WinWriter 600Lexmark X203NLexmark X204NLexmark X215Lexmark X264DNLexmark X340Lexmark X342ELexmark X342NLexmark X363DNLexmark X364DNLexmark X364DWLexmark X422Lexmark X463DELexmark X464DELexmark X466DELexmark X466DTELexmark X466DWELexmark X500NLexmark X502NLexmark X520Lexmark X522SLexmark X543DNLexmark X544Lexmark X544DNLexmark X544DTNLexmark X544DWLexmark X544NLexmark X5450Lexmark X546DTNLexmark X5470Lexmark X548DELexmark X548DTELexmark X560DNLexmark X560NLexmark X620ELexmark X630Lexmark X632Lexmark X632ELexmark X642ELexmark X644Lexmark X644ELexmark X646Lexmark X646DTELexmark X646ELexmark X646EFLexmark X651DELexmark X652DELexmark X654DELexmark X656DTELexmark X658DTFELexmark X658DTMELexmark X658DTTFELexmark X658DTTMELexmark X720Lexmark X734Lexmark X734DELexmark X736Lexmark X738Lexmark X738DELexmark X738DTELexmark X750ELexmark X752ELexmark X762ELexmark X782ELexmark X792deLexmark X792dteLexmark X792dtfeLexmark X792dtmeLexmark X792dtpeLexmark X792dtseLexmark X830ELexmark X832ELexmark X850ELexmark X852ELexmark X854ELexmark X860DELexmark X860de3Lexmark X860de4Lexmark X860de4 Pro SeriesLexmark X862DELexmark X864DELexmark X912ELexmark X925deLexmark X940ELexmark X945ELexmark X950DELexmark X952de

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