Officejet Pro X476dw poor print quality or Print Bar Issue?

We as printer repair company who specializes in HP printers repairs throughout the UK, we see this printer poor print quality issue a lot our on the field. Where the printer starts printing badly the colours are off and when you print an image quality print you then notice that one of the colours or several are not printing as they should or not at all not like no black or Cyan.

We on many occasions here are at Diamondsource Printer repairs are able to fix this issue by carrying out extensive print head cleans and nozzle checks on the printer. As log as it is keeps improving the print qaulity there is still hope that the issue can be fixed.

It will mean going to go through your ink very fast but don’t despair while it is getting better there is still hope. It is when you have cleaned the printheads 4 or 5 times and there is no improvements in the print quality or the nozzle check that it is time to call it a day.

Replacing the print bar or these machine is very expensive not only it the cost of the part but the time it will take to take the printer apart.

There are a few youtube videos with various fix’s we have tried most of them at some point to try and get our customers running without any joy.

I don’t understand why HP designed an HP Inkjet printer that was impossible or made it beyond economical to repair when the printhead / printbar needed replacing.

The printbar alone is almost the price of the printer and for an engineer to fit the print bar it would take them approx. 3 hours to fit plus need specialist tools to do the job which make the HP Officejet Pro X476dw repair a failure.

On the flip side these machines are great when they work. They are fast good quality prints just make sure if you buy one that you have a warranty from HP for the duration of the time you wish to keep the printer for.



By Peter M on 9th September, 2019

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