Why regular printer maintenance is important

One of the best ways to prolong the life of a Printer or Photocopier is to have it serviced on an annual basis. There are many benefits of doing this has stated below:

Reasons annual printer maintenance is important:

  • Reduced toner emissions - A well maintained machine runs smoother and is less likely to leave annoying marks/streaks down your page due to toner build-up.
  • Extends Cartridge life - If your printer is working efficiently you won’t need to buy a new one as often which reduces your costs.
  • Extends Printer Life - If your printer lasts longer, you won’t need to buy a new one as often which reduces your costs.
  • Printer Firmware Update - These software updates give the machine access to the latest most effiecent operating system optimising the printers output.
  • Saves Money - Regular printer servicing helps to lower repair costs in the future by monitoring the components inside the machine and keeping them clean from toner build-up and paper dust. ?

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By Peter M on 8th June, 2016

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