No, we carry out most of the repairs at our customer sites, occasionally we may take the machine away but this is rare.

We can usually get to the customer next business day. If it is urgent and cannot wait then it may be possible to get an engineer with you the same day give us a call.

It depends on the printer on how much you paid for your printer. How old it is. How many inks you have in the cupboard unsed and the cost of them.

For cheaper inkjet printers some parts are difficult or not possible to source. However, we still manage to repair 60% on the inkjet printer we go to see.

The most important thing you need to look at when buying a printer is how much do you print. Buying a cheap printer could end up costing you thousands and printers that cost thousands can be a waste of money if you don�t print sufficient volumes. It also depends on your budget and what you need the printer for. The requirements of a graphic designer will be very different to that of an accountant. Give us a call and we can help you select the right printer for your office.

It depends on what you are looking for I have difference preferences for different requirements. For the average office looking for a good desktop LaserJet printer and print approx. 50,000 prints per year or more my preference is Hewlett Packard. Most corporates use HP and in year 2 when you might encounter issues, parts are easy to obtain both new and refurbished on a next business day. With some other brands you are either paying far too much for the parts or have to wait a long time for a part.

Yes we do, our printers are fully checked and normally with a very low page count so almost new. We also offer a 12 months guarantee.

Our engineers are all local to your area and can attend printer repairs throughout the UK including all major cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

You will not be charged for a second callout. The price of the part given to you will be a supply and fit price.

We accept all credit and debit cards including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and PayPal. We use HSBC Global Iris Card Processing and PayPal to process all Internet payments, offering our clients peace of mind and maintaining security.

Yes, we offer 3 month parts warranty for the same fault.

If in a rare circumstances we are unable to fix the printer. We will offer you a full refund. However if the reason we can�t fix the printer is because we are unable to source the parts or that it is deemed the printer to be beyond economical repair then the callout would apply.

Yes, our engineers carry some of the most popular rollers etc. but due to the vast amount of parts we are not able to carry everything.

If the parts are in stock we can get the parts to you next working day with an engineer to fit. Where express delivery is available this will be offered.

Yes we do and we also offer refurbished and second hand parts where they are available.

It really depends on the model of the printer. With some models the refurbished fusers perform and last just as well as an original, with other models there can be issues. Will only use refurbished fuser units if we know that they will perform the same as original ones. We offer the same 3 month warranty for both original parts as we do for refurbished parts. If we offer refurbished parts we only use suppliers that offer the best quality product and if we do find a range that is problematic we will not offer this product.

We find Mono (black and white) toners are very reliable and as good as original toners and we encounter very few issues. Performance for colour toners can vary - it depends on the model of printer. But the majority of them perform the same as originals. We do give a customer complete satisfaction guarantees if any toner does not perform we will return and replace the toner. So you will never lose out in purchasing compatible toners.

Yes we would, any toner that fails and has more than 20% life left we will replace for a new one.

We offer 24 months parts warranty on the toners.

To calculate cost of ownership, you need three things:
1. The cost of your ink / toner and other consumables like drums, transfer belts, maintenance kits and fusers
2. The cost of your paper (per sheet)
3. Yield the number of pages you can print on average from a cartridge (often available on manufacturer's website)
Once you have these factors, take the cost of each of the consumables so the toners, drums, transfer belts, fusers ect and divide this by the average yield consumable. This is your cost per page. Add this number to your cost for page for paper and the other consumables to get your cost of ownership. You will usually find that paying a bit more for a printer in the beginning will save you more in the long run on your printing costs.

The paper jam has to be probably the most frustrating and common printer fault and it seems to always happen when you are in a rush to get to a meeting or to meet a deadline. You find yourself opening every door to find where the paper is located. Paper jams normally are due to worn rollers and dirt in the printer. Excessive paper dust on the rollers from using very cheap paper. It can also be due to faulty fuser unit and other consumables like a ripped transfer belt.

Check your toner levels are not running low or empty 1st. Check the printer is not running on Eco mode, TONER SAVE or Grayscale. Give the toner cartridge a gentle shake. Replace the toners to eliminate it is not the toner.

This is where you see either repeating fading images or the words are blurry. Check the drums, transfer belt and fuser unit for visible faults. If no visible signs change the drums / toners until you eliminate the fault. If this fails you may have an issue with the laser scanner unit or power supply.

If this is happening on any part of your print that has come out into the tray then your fuser unit needs to be replaced. The Fuser unit heats the powder toner so that it sticks or fuses to the paper if the print is coming off to touch then this is because the fuser is not heating or is not getting hot enough. The fuser unit normally is replaced however they can be repaired for certain models.

If you are getting marks on your prints only when you copy the most likely cause will be dirt on the glass scanner. Check the glass for dirt. Some adf units will have an adf kit where you change a plastic film. If the dirt is on the inside of the glass it is advisable to get an engineer to do this job.

Check that you have removed and pulled the tape seal from the toner cartridge if it has recently been changed. If you still have issues then you will need an engineer to look at the printer.

Toner drums can sometimes cause grinding sounds if they are faulty. Replace the toners or drums and if the problem persists then and engineer we will have to have a look at as it is probably a cog that is worn.

If you have no error messages pointing you to a fault, you need to check the printer is connected. If you are using a USB connection or are on a network, check the cables are pluggedin. For Wi-Fi printers check your Wi-Fi is enabled on both the printer and the PC or tablet. If all is ok here first you need to reinstall the drivers for the printer. Next check the printer user manual trouble shooting section. If you are still having issues then you will need an engineer as you may have a faulty printer part.

Don�t panic and carry on as long as your prints are clean. Carry on printing as normal and make sure you have spare ink just in case the printer does run out. Toners and ink will normally print for a while after they are due to expire and some will stop when the counter says stop. If the printer stops printing because the counter thinks it has run out you can normally bypass this in the printer settings to carry on printing. However if the quality of your prints is poor or not up to scratch then this is a probable sign that you need to change the toner or ink.

Place the printer next to the wireless router and see if this speeds up the printing. If so get a wireless range extender. You need to make sure your router is up-to-date. Check it has the latest firmware installed and that it supports 802.11n.

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Deborah IzzardDeborah Izzard
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Excellent customer service Contacted them about fixing a dead HP printer but decided it was quicker to replace it as our business can't function without one. Andrew in service recommended a Brother machine which is perfect for our requirements and Jeremy in sales arranged delivery by 10:30 the next morning (it arrived at 9:30!). I was in a tight spot and both of them did their utmost to help. I shall definitely be purchasing from them in future and highly recommend Diamondsource Ltd. Thank you.