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We are always looking for greener and more cost-effective printing solutions for our customers. Below is a short guide on some of the best ways to achieve this in your office environment.  For more advice please email us at service@diamondsource.co.uk or call 0203 302 8151.  

1. Use Recycled Paper   Paper or stock choice can influence how sustainable a printing method actually is. It can be confusing with so many choices out there, but hopefully, this will help clear things up. We’re often led to believe we should only use recycled paper to be more green. The truth is, virgin fibres are needed to maintain the paper cycle. Without new fibres from new trees, the paper cycle can’t be maintained. Recycled fibres degrade after several uses and the paper industry needs fresh fibre to keep the renewable cycle going. As long as the new fibres are from sustainably-managed forests, you have the green light on using virgin paper or recycled paper.   We offer our customers a wheat and straw-based ECO paper – 80 GSM at £25.51+Vat a box.  

2. Analyse and optimize the number of printers you need   By assessing usage patterns and where devices are placed in the office, you could minimize redundant or under-utilized copiers, fax machines and printers. Introduce more energy-efficient multifunctional printers (MFPs) that copy, fax, print, and scan wherever possible and limit the use of single-function devices.

3. Asset management, recycling and responsible disposal   With good asset management processes in place, you can easily keep track and identify equipment that needs upgrading. Always look for environmentally-friendly ways to dispose of printers, fax machines and MFPs, including recycling toner cartridges and toner bottles.  

4. Encourage sustainable habits   Employee behaviour is perhaps the single most important factor in successful environmental sustainability practices. A training and education program will familiarise your employees with procedures to improve processes, eliminate waste and ultimately achieve performance targets.  

5. Redirect printing to the most cost-effective device   Rule-based printing automatically redirects print jobs to the most suitable output device to optimize energy consumption, ensure the use of resource-saving features and control access to colour output. Maybe it means employees have to walk a few extra steps to collect their printing, but perhaps that is not a bad thing either. Maybe replacing older less energy-efficient printers.  

6. Minimise power consumption   Purchase or lease devices that exceed ‘Energy Star’ and other industry ratings. Most modern printers and MFDs have energy-saving modes and ‘Quick Startup’ technology, which means they are put to sleep when they’re not being used. When set up correctly, this helps to reduce the amount of energy used and reduces costs.  

7. Re-set settings and save   High-speed duplex printing, toner saving modes, ‘print selected text’, and even default toner selection settings can have a surprising impact on your paper, toner cartridges, and carbon footprint.    

Call us today on 0203 3028151 for more information about repairs and low-cost cartridges.     www.diamondsource.co.uk

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Deborah IzzardDeborah Izzard
08:30 28 Oct 22
Excellent customer service Contacted them about fixing a dead HP printer but decided it was quicker to replace it as our business can't function without one. Andrew in service recommended a Brother machine which is perfect for our requirements and Jeremy in sales arranged delivery by 10:30 the next morning (it arrived at 9:30!). I was in a tight spot and both of them did their utmost to help. I shall definitely be purchasing from them in future and highly recommend Diamondsource Ltd. Thank you.

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