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One of the best ways to save money on printing costs is to switch to a laserjet printer as the toner cartridges over a long period are far cheap. At Diamondsource we can provide customers with our own toner cartridges passing a further saving on to you the customer as well as offering free maintenance packages included, all for a more economic price than the equivalent original cartridges.

If your office doesn’t already own a laserjet printer, why not loan a machine from diamondsource for free! all you have to do is buy our toners!
We are offering free loan printers for as long as you only use our contract toners. This offer includes annual maintenance & repairs and will give you unlimited labour, parts, fusers, maintenance kits, pickup rollers and transfer belts when required. Call us now to reserve your printer on 0871 789 1012.

Please the example below:

FREE loan HP P2015 mono LaserJet printer

Contract Toner prices per cartridge:

Printer ModelToner part numberPage yieldToner price
HP P2015Q7553A3000+£51.95
HP P2015(High Cap) Q7553X7000+£84.50

Posted By birmingham on 26 January , 2022
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