Oki C9650 colour led printer repair banding poor print quality


Today I looked at this Oki C9650 led colour printer in London SW14 8SN near Barns bridge. The customer reported a fault with poor print quality and on inspection I noticed that one of the drums was faulty and one of the drums was end of life and the transfer belt also had banding marks on it. recommended that we change the transfer belt 1st and then the drums after was the marks where like what was on the transfer belt. If marks cross all the colours it is more likely to be either the transfer belt or fuser unit. It can also be the transfer roller. This Oki 9650 printer is reliable business printer as most faults are a result of consumables that have become faulty. We always recommended using Oki original drums and good quality compatible toners not the cheapest you can buy online to minimise printer repair callouts. Before making a call for a Oki printer repair check your consumables toners drums fuser units and transfer belts are not end of life and if they are change them 1st. Run a printer configuration page s see consumable life left on the printer.

To print the configuration page

1. With the printer in the READY state, press the key to select the Print Information Menu, then press the ENTER key to select it.

2. Press the key to select Configuration, then press the ENTER key to print a configuration page.

Other tests you can Run

Print Solid Black, Magenta, Cyan and Yellow prints to see if a drum is causing the fault. I usually use MS paint as I find it quick to do you graphic designers can probably do it faster in another application. If you have a faulty colour drum then it should show on one of the colours.

If you are still having issues with your Oki printer then give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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