As a company of field service printer engineers, we find driving in London doing 5 to 7 jobs a day across a huge area an impossible task. Parking spaces in the past which normal where easy to find have become to difficult to find and they have been replaced with cycle lanes and Boris bike racks. It has been some time now that we have been using walking printer engineers for the bulk of our work particulary in London. But now we have started exploring other modes of getting around the congested busy city. We are currently trailing out using the Boris bike or Santandare hire bikes, and I have been pleasantly surprised how well it works, so far all the journeys have all been good pleasant routes and I love the cycle lanes. We are finding that it’s quicker in many routes to take the bike than the tube or bus which is great for us and the environment .You get to appreciate how beautiful the city is and a bonus of getting fit while you do so. I am not sure yet if we would use them if the weather is too cold, too hot or Raining yet. Today it is March it is lovely outside blue sky’s and 21 degrees, for now i am enjoying using our new company vehicles aka Boris bikes!

Posted By birmingham on 26 January , 2022
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