HP Laserjet 500 Colour LaserJet M575 jamming in adf unit

Today my 1st printer repair was in Hoxton, London EC2, the printer was paper jamming in the adf unit (automatic document feeder). On inspection, the printer was picking up the paper but stopping before going through to print. With further testing of the printer the paper pick up rollers roller on the adf seemed fine but the separation pad (the flat looking roller) looked slightly worn. The most common fault we see when these rollers are worn is multiple sheets of papers being pulled through at the same time which was not the case here.

 Check all adf rollers and separation pads and see if the tread on the tyres are worn.

        Check where the paper stops.

        Check to see if there is any paper in the paper path or any other foreign objects like paper clips.

        If the paper pick up rollers are worn tyres replace these 1st.

        If the separation roller is worn change these.

        If paper jams persist replace adf unit assembly. 

        Next Replace DC controller board.

On this particular HP Printer repair we also carried out a full service checking all the pickup rollers which some where worn and also ran print test diagnostics to check printer image quality. The diagnostic test showed the black toner to be faulty. Also the printer needed a paper pickup roller kit for tray 1. For a quote to printer repair your printer click here .

Posted By birmingham on 26 January , 2022
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