5 Tips For Finding High Quality Printer Repairs

Printers and photocopiers are one of the most important pieces office equipment and are mostly overlooked when they are working perfectly. The moment that changes can be frustrating time, as it can cause a lot of procedures to become delayed. In most busy offices, printers and copiers are given least regular care of all the IT gear. Because most of the systems, laptops, computers, servers, etc. are regularly monitored and serviced because they have to be up and running 24/7. Same is the case with the office printers and copiers, but unfortunately this only realised when these machines break down.

Another issue for most companies is that there IT support staff are not trained to repair copiers or printers, as this requires special training and certifications. Unlike rebooting the computer and restarting, most problems, with printers are different and can be complicated issues need trained engineers to resolve. You can try disconnecting the wires, reinstalling the drivers, and reconnecting the systems but even then, if this doesn’t work then you need to look for a certified printer repair technician immediately.

A quick browse on the internet will show thousands of search results in Google, but there are few things you should consider before booking the first company you find in your local area.


1.    Do they use Certified and Experienced Printer Repair Engineers?

Using professionally trained and certified engineers to understand which printer model comes with what component and whether it needs to be fully serviced or replaced. There are different models of printers available on the market and same solution does not fit to all the models, and this changes on a regular basis.

2.    Technicians team repairing printers also repairs copiers or other office systems

A problem regarding an office network can be solved at the same time if the technician team has the familiarity and experience to repair printers and IT systems. First, you do not have to contact two different companies, and secondly you save money by not paying for two services separately.

3.    Reliable and Professional Services

Whether your looking for an adhoc printer repair or a MPS (“Managed Print Sevice”) or you want to source a company that can cater to your various offices in the UK, then it is very important to check the reliability and effiiciency of the company. You can check their previous experience with large enterprises, terms & conditions, warranty services and response times 

4.    Cost-Effectiveness

Whether you are a small business or large corporate office(s), the important thing to understand is high quality professional services come with standard charges. Secondly this should be at a fixed cost with no hidden charges.

5.    Track Record and Reviews

The last but not the least, a proven track record in business is very important for customer satisfaction. Any business trying to cheat the customers can grow for some period but will not last longer. Similarly, some printers and copiers may not require complete replacement of products or if needed branded components should be used. In place of using branded, if the team is unnecessarily using local brands or repeatedly charging you for same issue, then it is difficult to trust what the engnieers advice.

So, next time you search for  the photocopier or printer repair in London or any other town or city, look for Diamondsource Ltd, a professional team with over 15 years of experience in repairing and maintaining all models and maunfacturers of printers and photocopiers.

By Peter M on 6th December, 2018

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